Winter's Guardian

A SA div. & Piano accompianment choral work

I walk across fields still

The air hangs lightly with the chill.

I am alone this winter’s night

Except one star, cold and bright.

You sit perched in the sky and ponder

Me, as through the snow I wander.

It walks with me through the moor and glen

Until I reach my home and then,

I see it through my window peeping,

Guarding me whilst I am sleeping.

-Olivia Battaglia (b.1994)

Commissioned and Premiere recording by: Muskego High School's Sorelle Cantanti (2018) 

Conducted by: Genevieve Michels

Recording Date: March 14th, 2018

Program Notes:

This text is very innocent and pure. While reading I imagined myself on a cold winter's night walk in my home state of Wisconsin. The kind of night where it is cold, dark, and quiet. You think you are alone in your thoughts, but instead of keeping your eyes facing downward at feet as you keep walking in the night, you look up and notice something wonderful. That one lone star in the sky is with you.