"Nature" Set

A Short Art Song set for Mezzo-soprano and Piano

Poetry by: Emily Dickinson

Angels in the early morning

May be seen the dews among,

Stooping, plucking, smiling, flying:

Do the buds to them belong?


Angels when the sun is hottest

May be seen the sands among,

Stooping, plucking, sighing, flying;

Parched the flowers they bear along.

As children bid the guest good-night,

And then reluctant turn,

My flowers raise their pretty lips,

Then put their nightgowns on.


As children caper when they wake, 

Merry that it is morn,

My flowers from a hundred cribs

Will peep, and prance again.

South winds jostle them,

Bumblebees come,

Hover, hesitate,

Drink, and are gone.


Butterflies pause

On their passage Cashmere;

I, softly plucking,

Present them here!

Program Notes:

This art song set came after an assignment during instrumentation where we were tasked with setting a poem for a solo voice and piano. After doing the setting, Angels in the Early Morning, my professor suggested I turn it into a set. During the 2018 spring semester, I had set two more Emily Dickinson poems and turned these pieces into a short art song set based on poems of nature.

Premiered by: Abbigail Jesse (Mezzo-soprano) & Elizabeth Smith (Piano)

@ SMU Composition's Emerging Sounds Concert 4/28/2018.