Into the Depths

You are a knight, who is on a quest by order of the King. You arrive at a desolate cave with orders to kill a vile monster that slumbers within. After what seems like hours, you reach the bottom of the abyss. Nothing is there. A sigh of disappointment exits your body, but when you decide to turn back and exit the cave, an eerie feeling trails down your spine. Something was stalking you, waiting, and watching your every move. Your whole body begins to shake, as your shadow is overcome by the towering beast behind you. Your fight begins…

*Winner of the 2017 UWO Spring Concerto Competition* 

Premiered by: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's University Symphony Orchestra (May 4th, 2017)

Conductor: Dr. Dylan Chmura-Moore

Scoring: | | Timpani | 5 Percussion | Piano | Harp | Strings

Midi Recording