Flowers Sprout

A SATB div. a cappella choral work.

Flowers sprout shining bright
full of laughter, full of life.
Like sunlight’s kiss upon the Earth,
enjoying life bringing others mirth.

But some will wither and pass away,
empty space with no words to say.
The field of flowers within your heart,
no longer is full in places part.

Fret not for these fracture repair
given time, water and warm sunny air.
For new flowers will bloom to fill the space.
But the old not forgotten, time cannot erase.

Beauty and love impressed on the mind,
not to forget but never to bind,
For nothing replaces those passed away.
The rose has not gone for memories stay.

-Jacob Goebl (b.1994)

Premiered and Recorded by: Elmwood Singers of UW-Oshkosh

Recording Date: April 30th, 2017. 

Program Notes:

This text was about the passing of a UW-Oshkosh student. She was a member of Gamma Phi Beta and was loved by all of her sorority sisters. She was a huge part of our Fall 2012 semester at UWO. But just as her college carerr had really begun, she passed away from cancer in 2012. I wanted to find a way to pay my respects to her and her sorority with this piece.